J2 Health gives healthcare organizations the tools they need to evaluate, build, and optimize their provider networks to better meet member needs.

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Achieve Network Adequacy

Identify gaps and find a pathway to compliance 

Model Network Scenarios

Experiment with provider configurations to maximize value

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Prioritize Contracting Efforts

Generate provider targets to expand access to care

Most Americans access healthcare through a provider network - the doctors and hospitals contracted with health insurers to deliver care.

Doing their best with unreliable data and disjointed manual processes, healthcare organizations lack the tools to evaluate the quality of their provider networks and prioritize the doctors to include in their plans.

J2 Health powers a better way.

Combining proprietary data validation techniques with customizable evaluation metrics, J2’s multipurpose analytics tools allows synthesis across:

Operations management involving business
  • Cost

  • Quality

  • Competitive positioning

  • Accessibility & health equity

  • Federal & state regulatory standards